Aspects like the ambiance , the restaurant's design, the personnel offer you the experience of a Greek breakfast, lunch and dinner, bringing you closer to Greece.

About us

GO GREEK TAVERNA brings the Greek culinary tradition to the historic center of Brașov, in the Council Square, through the carefully picked dishes from the Hellenic kitchen.

The fresh products are brought from Greece and they are prepared by a Greek chef, with natural ingredients and a lot of passion. Yorgos, the head chef, prepares the most famous recipes from Greece: calamari, octopus, shrimp, rack of lamb, halloumi, feta cheese, saganaki, gyros, musaka and of course the famous tzatziki sauce. All of these can be found in the menu of the newest Greek restaurant.

Aspects like the ambiance, the restaurant’s design, the personnel offer you the experience of a Greek breakfast, launch and dinner, bringing you closer to Greece.

The well-prepared personnel cater to our clients’ demands and requirements. In addition, the restaurant’s location provides an added value to your experience through its location in the center of Brașov, next to the History Museum, the Council House.

Go Greek Taverna completes the culinary variety of our restaurants, Pizza Roma and Restaurant Davinci, locations with Italian and traditional Romanian characteristic, respectively, which have been around for over 20 years.

You are welcome from Monday to Sunday to enjoy our dishes!

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